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Quality Boiler Feedwater for Reliability

Ensure your boiler system has the proper support equipment to meet the demands of your steam process. 

Cleaver-Brooks Deaerators

If your system has moderate to high steam loss, a deaerator is a must for a reliable steam system. Deaerators remove dissolved oxygen and carbon dioxide from the boiler feed water, which reduce chemical consumption and blow down, thus saving energy and extending boiler life. In addition, a deaerator preheats boiler feed water, reducing the effect of thermal shock to the boiler.

Cleaver-Brooks manufactures three different styles of deaerators with capacities of 7,000- 500,000 lb./hr: the tray-type (TrayMaster), spray-type  SprayMaster and packed column (Boilermate).

Check out the ADAC Deaerator Control 

Traymaster Deaerator

TrayMaster – Model TMV & TMH

Spraymaster Deaerator

SprayMaster – Model SMP

Boilermate Deaerator

BoilerMate Deaerator – Model BM

Surge Tank

Cleaver-Brooks Surge Tank

If your steam system is very large a surge tank may be required to save your valuable condensate. A surge tank can provide additional storage to handle large volume swings that may exceed the capacity of your deaerator. 

The surge tank system includes the tank and stand, in addition to factory-piped and wired transfer pumps.  The System can be integrated with the ADAC control to provide complete control of the deaerator, surge tank, pumps, level control and makeup.  

Size: 300 – 3,600 gallons

Use: Steam applications

Atmospheric Boiler Feed Systems

Cleaver-Brooks Boiler Feed System

Maintain efficiency and prolong the life of boiler when a deaerator is not practical. We can customize any system to your application. 

Consisting of one or more feed pumps and a corrosion resistant receiver tank, the system aut omatically supplements condensate with makeup water to replace system loss es. 

Type: Atmospheric pressure

Use: Steam and hot water applications

Size: Up to 1,000 gallons 

  • Specifically designed for compatbility with Cleaver-Brooks boilers 
  • All pumps have mechanical seals 
  • Provides additional storage time and handles volume swings in condensate return 
  • Boosts condensate return pressure
  • Accepts gravity returns


Boiler Feed System
Fabtek Boiler Feed System

Fabtek Boiler Feed Systems 

Fabtek manufactures quality boiler feed systems with quick lead times and competitive costs.  They offer multiple boiler feed system configurations such as horizontal, low-boy, and vertical tank designs. 

Fabtek specializes in stainless steel construction and can provide stainless steel boiler feed systems at very cost competitive prices compared to those offered in carbon steel.

Type: Horizontal, Low-boy and Vertical tank designs 

Use: Steam applications

Size: To over 1000 gallons

Boiler Feed Pumps

Grundfos Boiler Feed Pumps (CR)

Offering a basic range of CR pumps and an extended range of more efficient, more robust addition to the CR series that features component optimizations for leading energy efficiency and pump reliability. 

Grundfos offers a full line of pumps perfect for boiler feedwater applications. The CR series can handle a large range of flow rates and discharge pressures. It is also available in a Low NPSH model reducing the need for tall feed tank stands.

Type: Multi-stage centrifugal pumps, boiler feed, VSD applications, booster systems. 

Use: For industrial processing systems, filtration systems, pressure boosting, water treatment and HVAC

Size:  Up to 700 GPM

Fabtek Boiler Feed Pumps

Fabtek Boiler Feed Pumps

Fa btek’s Stainless Steel Flange Mounted Centrifugal Pumps are designed for higher flows and lower viscosity liquids. The flange mounted pumps feature high-grade stainless steel to create the longest lasting pumps. very centrifugal pump includes an impeller that is rapidly rotated to impart velocity to the pumped liquid.

As a result, centrifugal pumps are more cost-effective and reliable when compared to positive displacement pumps.

Type: Horizontal elevated and floor designs, Vertical elevated design and 

Use: Commercial boiler rooms

Size: For boilers 1 – 700 HP and capacities to 100 GPM

Temperature: up to 250°F

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